True Self – Part One – Introduction

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The self is a complex and core subject and over the years the many varied concepts of Self have been much explored both through psychology and spirituality.

In this article it is my intention to explore what TRUE SELF is and how we can lose that connection to True Self as we go through life.

So, to begin, let’s look at what True Self is and explain more about Soul Purpose.

What is True Self?

We all have a sense of “Self”.  When we are asked ‘Who are you?’ we will reply – ‘a mother’ or ‘a doctor’ or a ‘fireman’  – the answer is invariably about our role/function in life but this tells us only one side of our Self and this side may not be our True Self.  True Self is our core essence – it is not defined by anything we have done or do now in life.  It is about what makes us unique, what makes us authentic – what makes us who we really, absolutely, truly are, deep down to soul level so that we are re-aligned with our soul purpose.

What is Soul Purpose?

Soul purpose or life purpose is why we are here on this earth dimension – our reason for being.  I believe that, as we come into the earth dimension and enter into our mother’s womb, we have already made our soul contract and decided upon our purpose for this new life.  We have decided on what we need to learn, understand and impart in this live and have given ourselves the relevant talents and challenges and goals with the ultimate soul destiny so that we may work through that contract so that we may expand our consciousness.

Part Two coming next will look at how we can become disconnected from our True Self….. to be continued