Soul Plan Software

Through Blue Marsden and Soul Plan, I can now offer the following range of Soul Plan programs which have become available:

Most Sophisticated Version

The new universal package works on all apple macs, Ipads, tablets, PCs and smartphones and allows the practitioner the ability to access all the key information (keyword interpretation, limiting beliefs, affirmations and Soul Purpose summary) that is required to give a full professional reading. Setup simply requires you to provide your email address and you will be provided with a unique password to open it on all your devices.

Price: £200

Other package

Professional Key word reader version which provides a full background report as well as the crucial positive and negative attribute keywords for each position of the plan plus a Soul Purpose summary. This is great for handing professional summaries of your session to clients as well as for festivals/therapy centre open days or simply to save and send as a ‘Soul Plan Mini Reading’ as a gift to friends and family. This package comes on a disc.

Price: £135

A requirement of purchase is that you have completed a 3 Day Soul Plan Practioners Course by a credited Soul Plan Trainer. Please contact me by email prior to ordering this software.

For any further information, please contact me.