Offering a blend of traditional counselling with more holistic and spiritual methods, I am dedicated to helping you to connect to your own inner wisdom and power to enable you to understand and heal the areas in your life that you are struggling with or feel challenged by.

I offer sessions online via Zoom Conferencing.

As well as Holistic Counselling, I offer Soul Plan Readings and Courses, Psychic Readings  Soul Transformation Healing and Golden Atlantean Paddles Healing on a single session basis. As well as Soul Plan Courses, I also run Connect to Your Intuitive Self Workshops and an ongoing Intuitive Healing Group – The Energy Light Room – to enable people to connect to their spiritual and intuitive selves – all now online via Zoom Conferencing.

In this stressed and hurried world we can become lost to ourselves.  We listen too much to the constant “chatter” in our heads and become less and less connected to our inner wisdom at the centre of our spirit.
We may feel a lack of direction or experience blockages in our life; we may feel unable to cope with our present home or work situation; we may begin to experience restlessness, tiredness, lack of motivation, depression, or be prone to addictions or even dis-ease.  We may feel a lack of direction, joy or happiness.  We may sense there is something missing in our lives – we feel incomplete.
Creating a safe and sacred space and time that is uniquely yours, I will help guide you to connect to who you truly are and to facilitate your own healing to enable you to move forward in your life with joy, meaning and purpose.
Sarah, Spiritual Counselling Dip., Cert Tai Chi Qigong Instructor, is a trained Holistic Counsellor, Soul Transformational Therapist; advanced Soul Plan Reader & Trainer and psychic channeller with over 18 years’ experience in energy management and soul purpose work. She is a natural empath who works intuitively from the heart centre. She teaches on the Spiritual Counselling Course at the Holistic Healing College, London as well as running her own Soul Plan Courses.  She also runs Intuitive workshops and groups online via Zoom Conferencing. NEW ONLINE INTUITIVE GROUP BEGINNING SPRING 2024 on TUESDAY EVENINGS

Please note: This work is not derived from any one particular religion or belief system.