Soul Plan Reading Practitioner Course

I run these 3-day Certificated Courses several times a year in London or online. Please note that due to the Covid19 present situation all Courses will be online via Zoom Video Conferencing until further notice. Next Practitioner Course – online via Zoom Conferencing: FRID/SAT 7/8 OCT & SAT 15 OCT 2022  10.00 – 16.30.  FEE: £490. For more details and to book your place please email/ring. Soul Plan is a system of Soul/Life Purpose analysis and helps us to understand  our challenges and talents in this present life as well as activating our Soul Purpose and potential, connecting us to whom we truly are.
This Course is suitable for anyone interested in their own personal and spiritual development and is an invaluable tool for Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers, and Teachers. Soul Plan Reading allows us to understand the energies of our clients at a deep level even before we meet them in person.
During this 3-day course we will:
  • Learn how to professionally present a birth chart
  • Receive the heart transmission for the ‘Moses frequencies’ (to accelerate your growth and clear many redundant patterns)
  • Get the opportunity to analyse and understand your own birth chart by analysing the vibration of your current name
  • Gain a greater sense of who you are
  • Develop and gain confidence in connecting to your intuitive and channelling abilities
  • Become aware of the health implications – e.g. which organs of the body need special attention
  • Look at different methods for healing/overcoming the challenge/lesson aspect
  • Receive a Soul Plan Healing and Higher Purpose Re-Alignment
On completion you will:
  • Be empowered to offer professional Soul Plan Readings (advice on appropriate pricing is given)
  • Obtain professional practitioner indemnity insurance
  • Possess a tool to help heal and empower yourself and others
  • Understand the purpose of many significant relationships and events in your life
  • Have access to support through our online forum and community
  • As a therapist or healer, you will have prior understanding of new client’s potential issues such as self worth, repressed anger, addictions, hypersensitivity etc., as well as being aware of their possible talents and latent potentials such as creative abilities, business acumen, leadership or teaching skills etc.


Three Day Course


  • The course cost is £490 with a deposit of £75 to secure your place. Please apply using the Contact Form
Sarah was excellent in taking care of the logistics, course structure and the content that was taught. Her competent and caring touch made the whole course an easy journey. It was important to feel comfortable and being surrounded by a friendly teacher, as is Sarah, as this helped to connect better to the Soul Plan Energies and the course content. I look very much forward to being an active member (of the Soul Plan community) and developing further my skills. Thank you for an amazing experience!
It was a very thorough and enjoyable course. The information provided was very clear and comprehensive, whilst being conveyed in an interesting way. I found Sarah’s style of teaching excellent and she was very positive and encouraging throughout.